Thank you for visiting our site! This is the homepage for SLEEPWALKER. Sleepwalker is a comedy, music, and art show. It is radical, it is dreamy, it is solar punk, and, just like this website, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

Our next show is on Thursday, May 25th at 8pm at Babycastles. Babycastles is an art gallery and event space run by a DIY video game collective in Manhattan(137 14th ave, to be exact). If you haven't been to Babycastles, then you should come to our show just to experience the place. But our show is worth it too.

We always offer comfortable seats, beautiful projections, the dismantling of fear, and easy access to water. But that should be a given for any show. Beyond these basic amenities we also always offer life-improving music,comedy, and art. For example: this month we have cartoonist Branson Reese, Computer wizard and artist Melanie Hoff, writer and comedian Halcyon Person, new work from Lucy Cottrell and Angelica Blevins, and the music of Gobbinjr.  Plus your hosts Lacey Jeka and Zach Mandeville.

So definitely come to the show! and until then, please do sign the guestbook!

Sleepwalker: Comedy, Music, Art, and Dreams. May 25th, 8pm, at Babycastles.